Big Red Geranium

The impact of the BIG intense RED blooms is the first thing that tells you that BIGRED Geranium is no ordinary geranium. However the size of
the blooms and intensity of the colour are only part of the story of this remarkable geranium.
Big Red is a Calliope Geranium and was developed by crossing zonal (upright) geraniums with ivy (trailing) geraniums. 14 years of breeding has resulted in a combination of show stopping large red flowers (with petals that do not easily shatter), attractive dense dark green foliage and a wonderful semi-trailing habitat. All of which helped Big Red to become the No 1 selling Geranium in the US for the past 2 years.

Big Red flowers right through spring summer and autumn and looks fantastic in hanging baskets, large pots and planted in garden beds.
As well as good looks Big Red has what it takes to perform in most regions of Australia. Being heat and drought tolerant Big Red can survive the hot dry summers which can affect many parts of the country. The experience of Australian gardeners has shown that Big Red has thrived all over the country from Perth right across to the eastern states.

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