Cordylie Banksii ‘Electric Pink’ generates multiple shoots to form a clump of brightly coloured pink and purple striped leaves. Compared to other cordyline varieties, Electric Pink only grows to 1.2m in height, with no trunk, and a mature plant will have a spread of 80-100cm. The vivid pink, vertical leaves of Electric Pink make an extraordinary statement when planted, and hold this colour throughout the year including winter. In fact Electric Pink seems to develop its best colour in full sun and doest burn in strong sun. It will also grow in part shade environments with good drainage.

Cordyline ‘Electric Star’ has the same growing habit as ‘Electric Pink’ and performs just as well under harsh conditions. With its gorgeous bright green and chocolate striped leaves this plant makes a great specimen or an exceptional mass planting

These great cordylines make a perfect addition to any garden and are perfect for our Queensland conditions.

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