New Guinea ‘SunPatiens’

‘Sunpatiens’ has been one of the most popular releases of 2012-13, and continues to bring colour and performance to gardens all throughout the year. Sunpatiens is a breakthrough in impatiens breeding. It is the first Impatiens series that tolerates FULL SUN, heat, humidity, rain and shade! The abundance of flowers from spring through to winter ensure full and decorative coverage of the flower beds. The thicker petals and foliage are less prone to disease and damage throughout the year. Sunpatiens continue to grow and flower where others don’t, establishing themselves more quickly, with stronger roots and more vigorous growth. Each plant has a strong, sturdy frame that supports the plant in wind and rain. These remarkable plants represent a breakthrough in breeding – sun–loving, heat–thriving impatiens that are tough and will prosper virtually anywhere. Use them in containers, baskets or the garden and you’ll be blessed with massive flower power and season-long enjoyment. A single plant covers a large area without any need for replanting during the season.


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