In Queensland watering can be one of the most important activities in a garden. When we are experiencing some of our drier conditions, it is important to make sure that your garden is kept adequately watered to avoid plant loss. Everyone’s gardens will be slightly different but these tips can be applied to any situation;

1.Water Deeply – rather than giving your garden beds a little bit of water every day, it can be a lot more efficient to use deep root watering but less frequently. Water well enough so that the ground is thoroughly moist and you have applied enough water to have reached the bottom of the root system.

2.Water in the mornings – With our hot summer temperatures try to water earlier in the day, rather than the evening, this means the plant has moisture in the soil as the temperature increases, and decreases the chances of pest and disease brought about by leaving plants wet over night.

3.Check moisture regularly – rather than watering everything in your garden every time you water, take the time to check your soil to see how moist it is, make sure you check deep enough to give you an idea of how much water the roots are receiving.

4.If using a watering/irrigation system, make sure to check that you are running it long enough to penetrate deep enough for the roots, while not running it so long than water is moving away from the plants. Check your system regularly for blockages to ensure your garden is evenly watered, remember to adjust your system for winter or summer watering

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