Celebrating 30 Years of Manawee

Thirty years is a long time. It is time enough take a tiny seed, and for it to turn into a beautiful shade tree – maybe even something you sit under today.

Gardening has changed a lot over 30 years. The basics might still be the same, but the trends in flowers, planting techniques, even the development of new plants has meant the gardening landscape is very different now.

The most noticeable difference now is how we use our gardens. Gardens are an extension of the house and home, and we want to be out in our gardens, enjoying time with family and friends. The humble lawn has become a thing of beauty, with many spending weekends mowing, trimming and fertilising to keep the lawn looking perfect every day.

A modern courtyard extends the living space as an extension of the home.

Gardens have become more simplistic, with concepts such as mass planting, and designer hedging all being used to great success. All of this is about making our gardens a place to relax and enjoy, rather than a constant work in progress.

Like any trend – things come and go in popularity. Surprisingly in gardening, the trends have really come a full circle. In the 80’s and 90’s it was very common to see Kentia Palm and Rubber Plants in the family home, all of a sudden since around 2013, these plants have become a massive trend once more. Combined with Pothos (Devils Ivy) and Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plants), these indoor plants are back on the popular list.

Plants themselves have evolved too. We have seen amazing developments in the breeding of plants, especially flowers. We now have longer lasting, bigger blooms, and increased durability of plants. Developments such as Perennial flowers such as Verbena, Petunia, and Calibrachoa are now commonly used without a second thought. Dwarf forms of trees allow them to be used in smaller gardens or even as container specimens, opening up a whole world of opportunity.

Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plants)

Some things do stay the same. We still need to care for our plants, with watering, feeding and pest and disease control are still prevalent, but now we have a lot more information to help with this.

Water Crystals help us save water, slow release fertilisers mean our nutrition is available to plants for longer. We are seeing more developments in natural and organic pest control, helping us to develop ways to keep our plants looking great, but protecting our environment and nature at the same time.

Manawee Garden Centre opening in 1989. Here’s a few photos from the early days.


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