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With the wet season, comes an abundance of water for our gardens, but it can also bring problems with it like fungal diseases and pests.

In this episode, Simon Van Roy talks about how to retain nutrients in times of heavy rain and the signs of fungal disease.

When soil becomes very, very wet, it can start to leech nutrient and was water runs off and out of your garden it will carry away some of that nutrient from your plants and gardens and often leave your plants starving for more. This is why it is important to fertilise during summer and after heavy rainfall to replace that lost nutrient.

Yellowing leaves is often one for the first signs of a problem, but can be caused by a variety of problems. Simon explains and gives some examples of what might be causing this problem.

Fungal Disease

Yellowing leaves and black spotting is often then the first sign of a fungal disease. This can be caused by too much moisture in the ground. Your drainage may be inadequate. This can also occur in lawn areas. Products can help but ultimately you need to find a way to dry the soil out and improve drainage.

When choosing a product to deal with pest and disease:

Know what pest or disease you are dealing with. There is no catch all product that will fix all your garden problems.

Understand what is your garden shed and make sure they are not out of date and will not longer be an effective solution.

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