manawee pot showroom
manawee pot showroom
manawee pot showroom
manawee pot showroom
manawee pot showroom

Indoor and Outdoor Pots

We have an ever-changing range of pots to suit any style or space. Choose a quirky animal pot to bring some fun indoors, or what about a modern pot combined with a succulent or fern for a living gift.

We all know that plants inside our homes and workspaces make for happier healthier homes. Plants are nature’s air purifiers. Filling your home with greenery not only makes you feel good, but just a few plants can significantly increase the air quality in a room.

Manawee also has a large range of outdoor pots to create a statement, fill a corner or give your courtyard a facelift.


Our range includes

  • Plastic pots
  • Decorator pots
  • Terracotta pots
  • Self-watering pots
  • Lightweight outdoor pots
  • Modern pots
  • Antique style pots
  • Indoor pots
  • Urns
  • Water features

We continually have new styles arriving. Drop by the nursery and browse through our undercover pot showrooms.

Or jump to our new Online Pot Catalogue. Our catalogue give you an overview of our core pot range.

Online pot catalogue manawee

Make sure once you’ve chosen your pot you use a premium quality potting mix. View our range of garden supplies. GARDEN SUPPLIES


Maybe you’ve already found the perfect pot and need some plant inspiration. Check out our plant range for indoor and outdoor plants that are suitable for growing in pots. SEE OUR PLANTS