Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about the perfect gift for mum. We are bombarded with so many ideas from the latest fragrance, new beauty trends, plus new tech gadgets with the promise of times savings. Or maybe you leave it to the last minute and do the crazy fight for fresh flowers on the way to Mother’s Day lunch.

While all those ideas might be great. At Manawee Garden Centre, we have a range of gift ideas that are a little simpler. And from our experience always a winner on Mother’s Day.

Here’s our Top 5 Gift Ideas for Mum

Indoor Pants

Potted plants are always a winner when it comes to gift giving. One of the top indoor potted plants are anthuriums. They are native to tropical regions and are part of a large family containing over 1000 species. They are easy to care for and their long-lasting flowers are sure to brighten any room.

The deep glossy leaves and contrasting bright flowers in shades of pink, reds, purples and whites of anthuriums bring their own style to any celebration. A healthy anthurium can flower constantly as each new leaf also forms its own flower bud, each individual flower can last for several months.

Anthuriums are easy to care for and require weekly watering, and a warm, well-lit space to thrive.

Pair your anthurium with a matching pot to reflect mum’s unique personality.

Read more about our favourite indoor plants and find one that suits your space on our blog:

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Herbs and Edibles

If your mum is more into cooking then something from our edible range could be your go-to gift this year.

We suggest a lemon, lime or even an olive tree that can be grown in a pot.

Lots a’ Lemons – the original dwarf lemon is a Meyer Lemon and while being a dwarf sized plant, ideal for small gardens and pots, it still produces a bounty of full sized fruit. Read more about growing Citrus.

Another great option is an olive tree. These are quite a new trend that are popping up in homes around the Coast. You can even grow them indoors if you have a spot that has at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight each day. We currently have a range of Espalier Olive trees.

Garden Tools

These are an idea for the always practical Mum. While she might persist with her old hand tools, a new set of tools will make gardening easier and more enjoyable. Our timber handled range of hand tools from Nature’s Garden come in a cute little box, easy to wrap. Choose from Hand Transplanter, Hand Rake, Hand Scoop, Planting Dribbler, Wooden Plant Labels and Plating Ruler.


Always a popular choice, chrysanthemums, whether they be in a big bright bunch or as a potted plant, their sheer vibrancy make for a perfect gift. They are long-lasting as cut flowers but even easier to care for as potted plants for even the black thumb gardeners.

Most often seen in whites and yellows, the chrysanthemum is available in almost every conceivable colour, from delicate pastels to bold reds, oranges and purples and every hue in-between! The spectacular flowers while usually only 50cm tall, they are often wider than they are tall, forming a dome of colour.

Indoors, a chrysanthemum in a pot forms the ultimate living bunch of flowers. Given a sunny spot indoors it can keep flowering for weeks, if not a month or more.

Chrysanthemums given as flowering pot plants can be planted into the garden or outdoor pots after their flowering season has finished. You can keep this beautiful gift alive for years to come.

Gift Shop

And if your Mum isn’t such a gardener, then be sure to browse through our gift shop. We’ve got alls sorts of books, homewares, decor, candles, soaps, scarves and so much more. See more gift shop ideas.

Or you can even let mum choose with our Manawee Gift Voucher option.

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