Vegepod: Raised Garden Beds

Vegepod is simply a great way to grow your own produce at home.

We’ve all heard about the rising cost of living and the cost of able to provide fresh, nutritious and organic food for our families. Imagine being able to efficiently grow your own favourite vegetables just a few steps away from your kitchen.

Growing your own not only helps to reduce the cost of your weekly food bill, but it is also a rewarding experience to be able to cook with produce you’ve grown in your own garden in a sustainable and organic environment. When you grow organically it helps to protect the natural biodiversity of your garden.

Enter the Vegepod. The Vegepod is not like other container garden beds. It’s made from recyclable and certifiably food-safe plastic that lasts at least 10 years. The design and features of the Vegepod make it easier than you think to grow your own.

Vegepod features

So what makes it so easy?

  • Self-Watering – The Vegepod is self-watering. It uses wicking wells at the containers’ base, a water reservoir wicks water up the soil and into the plant’s roots. Plants can last weeks without watering in the Vegepod.
  • The Overflow Hole – If you’ve watered your pod too much, don’t worry, there is an overflow hole for when the well gets too high, meaning you can’t over water your crop.
  • Container Gardening – An easy to manage contained raised gardening bed is perfect for the home. Control your growth and vege quality in a separate environment away from the ground and away from pests. Plus, the pods design is deep enough to grow carrots and other root veg.
  • The Vegepod Cover – Your Vegepod comes with its own polyethylene knitted mesh cover to create a greenhouse microclimate for your garden. The cover protects from UV rays, pests, weeds, and harsh elements, while filtering the light and rain through the permeable mesh cover.
  • Shade – the cover provides a 17% shade rate – the lowest in the world and keeps your plants cool and lets the light in.
  • Mist Sprays – The super fine mist sprayers attach to the mesh canopy ceiling and waters from above making watering more efficient. They can be linked to a garden hose timer to automate your watering.
  • No tools required – The Vegepod assembly is easy and does not require any tools.

Vegepods provide the flexibility of being able to be placed directly on the ground or balcony or use with the optional extra of stand for a higher working level.

Vegepods are available in 3 sizes and come with a range of accessories to ensure you get the most from your vege crop. Each Vegepod kit includes Vegepod, cover and irrigation spray parts. Stands are available as an optional extra.

vegepod sizes

How to set up your Vegepod

Setting up your Vegepod is a simple no tool operation. For step by step video head to the Vegepod website.

Once assembled it’s time to fill your Vegepod. We recommend filling your Vegepod with a combination of high-quality potting mix and Perlite.

small vegepod

Small Vegepod (0.5m x 1m) $209.95

Includes cover and irrigation parts – Requires 1 x 25L Perlite + 3 x 30L bags of potting mix to fill (110Litres)

medium vegepod

Medium Vegepod (1m x 1m) $329.95

Includes cover and irrigation parts – Requires 1 x 50L Perlite + 6 x 30L bags of potting mix to fill (220Litres)

Large Vegepod (2m x 1m) $489.95

Includes cover and irrigation parts – Requires 2 x 50L Perlite + 12 x 30L bags of potting mix to fill (440Litres)

Prices correct at 2 August 2023.

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